FAQ about Schedule Text Reminders

1. How far into the future can I schedule a text?

You can schedule a text as far into the future as you want!

2. Is there a character limit for the text?

The text should be no more than 110 characters.

3. Can the recipients of my text respond to it?

No, this is a one-way texting system.

4. Is there a limit to how large a group can be?

No, but the prices listed on the Home page and Prices page are for 200 texts per month. Please inquire about larger or smaller text numbers. See the form at the bottom of the Learn More page and on the Contact Us page.

5. Can I send myself a text?


6. Will you sell my contact information?


7. Once I build my database, can I keep it forever even if I am not subscribing to the texting system?

We keep your data from the free trial for 30 days. If you have not purchased by then, we delete your data.

8. Can multiple people in my company or team be logged in to the system at the same time?

Yes. Just use the same user code/email address and password.

9. Can I edit a scheduled text message?

No. You can easily cancel the scheduled text message and write a new one.

10. Can I cancel a scheduled text message?

Yes. Your scheduled text messages are listed at the bottom of the Compose and Schedule Texts page. Select ‘Cancel’ next to the text you would like to cancel.

11. Can I send a text immediately?

Yes, just set the date/time before the current date/time.

12. Do you have other software products?

Yes, we are a custom software developer. http://optimalprocess.com/

13. If I want to try this system for a month to remind my kids of activities or my elderly parents of their medicine schedule or myself to take the garbage out or give the dogs their heartworm medicine, etc., etc., is it still $15? In other words, is there an option for smaller users?

Yes. This is a great reminder system for very busy people or forgetful people! Please contact us about a custom plan for you. See the form at the bottom of the Learn More page and on the Contact Us page. https://www.scheduletextreminders.com/contact-us/

14. Will recipients of the text know it is from me?

No, not at first. We recommend you identify yourself at the beginning of the text if necessary.

15. Can I use Scheduletextreminders.com from my smart-phone or tablet?

Yes, you can use Scheduletextreminders.com from any device capable of an internet connection.

16. How can I contact Scheduletextreminders.com support?

Email Stevecantor@optimalprocess.com or donna@optimalprocess.com

17. How do I make a payment?

Navigate to the ‘Purchase’ page which is located under the ‘Free Trial’ page. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

18. Is this a type of SMS system?

Yes it is!

19. What does SMS mean?

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the most widely used type of text messaging. With our SMS system (i.e. scheduletextreminders.com), you can send a message of up to 110 characters from any device to a mobile phone.

20. Will I need to add the phone number each time I schedule a text to that person?

No, not if you have scheduled a text to that person/number before! That is one of the great features about this system…you are building a database of important people in your business. They might be customers or employees or friends or family, but you control the database. The database you create is much more relevant to your organization than the thousands of contacts that you may have on your mobile phone.